Why do men lie?  The easy answer would be that they are all nothing but dogs that care only for themselves.  But that would be…you’ve got it…lying.  The truth is that sadly lying is part of human nature and it will often rear its ugly head during the course of a relationship.  The trick is not letting that particular truth ruin your relationship if it is one that really matters to you.

So how do you confront the fact that all men are liable to lie at one point or another without it totally destroying your confidence?  Well, it helps if you remember that you’re not perfect either.  We ladies aren’t averse to spinning the truth from time to time ourselves, so when considering why men lie to women, you can start by being honest with yourself and thinking about what causes you to lie.   Do you mean to be hurtful or do your fibs usually have good intentions behind them?

While it may not be a pleasant subject to consider, especially when you’re on the receiving end of the lies, you can take some consolation in realizing that the majority of lying is not done maliciously.  While there are certainly some men who will say practically anything to get into your bed, that’s really the exception and not the rule.  Why do men lie?  Not just to get their way but usually because they are trying to find some equilibrium in a relationship, something that can be a daunting challenge for any of us.

Men, by their nature, like to think that they are in control.  By telling the occasional white lie, they can save face in an uncomfortable situation and maintain that precious control.  It’s a lot easier for him to say he was delayed in arriving for your date because he got a flat tire rather than admitting the hockey game he was watching went into overtime. By spinning the truth in this case, he comes out feeling like he is still in the driver’s seat and that he’s spared your feelings at the same time.  He honestly sees it as a win-win situation and can allow himself the pat on the back he so desperately needs.

That’s another prominent reason why men lie to women.  They convince themselves that it’s for the best because the truth would be more hurtful.  Again, this isn’t out of a sense of maliciousness, but usually, it’s a genuine effort to do right by you.  The danger is in the lie falling apart and you ending up being angry and hurt anyway, but it’s a risk most men are willing to take, as they tend to think in the short term rather than seeing where things may eventually lead.

Another thing to remember is that relationships are just as tricky for men as they are for women.  Figuring out what it is that the woman wants and how to please her can be a delicate proposition for men and sometimes they will resort to desperate measures to try and find their way safely through that minefield.  It’s easy to say that honesty is the best policy but, let’s face it, sometimes a little white lie is the best defense, or at least that’s what he tells himself.

When he’s worked hard to build up a relationship, he might panic if he thinks one little misstep might unravel it all.  So he reasons that lying is the safe route to go.  At the same time, he might really believe that telling a lie now could save a whole lot of heartache down the line.  Why do men lie?  Simply put, because they aren’t much better at this relationship stuff than we are.  We’re all human after all.

The simple fact behind why men lie to women is because they are trying to keep us happy and trying to maintain their own sense of confidence.  It may not seem like the best way to go about it, but at least it shows that he is thinking about you and your relationship.  He cares enough to try and make things right, no matter how awkward the attempt may be.  That’s something to hold onto rather than just writing him off entirely as someone you can’t trust.

Why do men lie?  It’s a not a pleasant part of any relationship, but sometimes it is a necessary one.  Before you fly off the handle, try and consider things from his point of view and maybe you’ll be able to work past it.  It might even end up making your relationship that much stronger…and that’s no lie!