How to stop nagging is an issue many couples have had to confront.  Unfortunately, nagging becomes an all too familiar part of many relationships, particularly long-term relationships.  That’s because once a couple become settled in their relationship, the lines of communication frequently become weakened or break down entirely.  And that’s when nagging rears its ugly head.  Generally, it’s the nagging itself that is blamed for many relationship problems but the truth is that it is lack of communication that is the real culprit.

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship.  A relationship necessarily involves some level of give and take, with each partner ideally bending to the needs of his or her partner.  If that delicate balance between give and take becomes disrupted, then the relationship weakens.  Since women are generally more emotional and need to express those emotions, they tend to push things through constant verbal reminders, and thus you have the birth of a nagging woman.

So what is nagging anyway?  Often the person doing the nagging may not even realize how they are coming across.  But a good indicator is if you feel like you’ve said the same thing five different ways and still haven’t gotten the results you were after.  If you’re repeating yourself that much, than you have crossed the line into nagging.  How to stop nagging begins with this recognition and realizing that whatever the communication issues are that you are having, this isn’t the way to solve them.

Ok, so we’ve confirmed that you, sadly, are a nagging woman, but take heart…there are things you can do to change your ways.  Remember that effective communication includes both talking and listening.  Listening is extremely important and yet it’s the first thing that both partners are likely to overlook.  Stop and listen to yourself when you are nagging and realize just how harsh you sound.  Is there a better way of saying what it is your saying?  Something that may actually make him pay attention and even do what it is you want him to do?

Also, you need to listen to him.  How to stop nagging begins with realizing that it is a two way street.  Understand that hearing you say the same thing over and over again is frustrating for him.  Plus, the more upset you get, the more likely it is that you’re not actually communicating your real need.  The more you pester, the more he’ll block you out and the less you’ll get done…it’s a vicious cycle and one you need to break in order to have a healthy relationship.

But to break that cycle it’s not enough to ask what is nagging?  You need to consider the why of your nagging.  What is causing you to become so frustrated?  Is it really because he’s not picking his dirty clothes up off the floor or is there more to it that you are perhaps internalizing?   One thing is certain; no matter what the real issue is becoming a nagging woman will not help you to solve it.  The more you nag, the more likely he is to just shut down or to walk away entirely.

You need to work together to find a solution.  Take the time to sit down together and really talk.  Be open to each other and consider your partner’s needs as he considers yours.  How to stop nagging is not really that complicated, it’s just a matter of being honest about your feelings, sharing with each other and finding some way to achieve that balance again.  If you really love each other, you should be able to do just that.

Before you start complaining again, take a deep breath and consider your options.  Is there some other way you could phrase your request so that it won’t seem so confrontational?  Even caving in and doing whatever it is you need yourself just once may be preferable to becoming a nagging woman again.  If he sees you making the effort, then he might be more willing to actually listen to what you have to say and to reach out himself.  It could be just the motivation you both need to start repairing your relationship.

How to stop nagging isn’t a difficult question to answer, but it is one that requires some real work on both sides.  If you want your relationship to work, then you need to take the time to build proper channels of communication so that you don’t find yourself devolving into a nag ever again.  It doesn’t work, so the more you can do to avoid it the better off you’ll both be!