How to get him to propose may seem like a tricky concept, but it’s really not all that difficult.  Taking the leap into marriage, no matter how strong your relationship may be, can be daunting and some guys will just naturally drag their feet.  If your man is taking his sweet time and you’re getting anxious, the main thing to remember is to be patient and not to force the issue.  Talking the calm and reasoned approach may seem harder, but it always works best in the end.

When you think about what makes a man fall in love and commit, it’s never being forced into it.  You can’t force love and, perhaps more frustrating to most women, no matter how much you’d like to you just can’t force marriage commitment either.  It is something that has to happen naturally if it is going to work at all.  If you think about it, why would any man stick around in a relationship that he is unsure about or unhappy with?  The answer is, he wouldn’t, so pressing him to commit when he isn’t ready isn’t going to help, it will just complicate matters even more.

While we ladies may grow up dreaming about our fantasy wedding, talking about wedding plans can actually scare most men to death.  How to get him to propose is, therefore, never about getting him to see just how wonderful your big plans are.  More than likely, rather than making him want to be a part of that special day, it will only make him want to run in the opposite direction.  The more pressure you put on him, the more likely it is to backfire.

Similarly, marriage commitment should never be something that happens as the result of an ultimatum.  While it may be tempting to say, “marry me now or else!” that will never work either.  Issuing an ultimatum only serves to leave a man feeling trapped and wanting desperately to escape.  Are you sensing a theme here?  Generally, what makes a man fall in love and commit is knowing that he has a woman who is willing to be patient and is so in love with him that she will let him take his own time to come around.

Of course, being patient is not easy and you may be tempted to send some subtle hints.  The key word there is subtle.  You can bring up the subject without hitting him over the head with it or sounding like you’re tapping your foot impatiently.  How to get him to propose is through subtle hints, gentle reminders, and keeping things positive.  You never want to turn the idea of making a commitment into a chore or, worse still, a prison sentence.  It’s about love and respect, after all, not about getting the ring, the big house and the pricey car.

Speaking of rings, oddly enough they can be a bigger impediment to marriage commitment than most women realize.  We tend to think of them as a beautiful sign of the love we have and our willingness to be together, but often men can feel as if they are under a great deal of pressure to pick just the right ring and that can lead them to balk at the idea of proposing in the first place.  What makes a man fall in love and commit is a woman who is willing to take that pressure off, again through subtle hints about what kind of ring you’d like or by telling him that the amount he spends isn’t as important as the thought that goes into it.

How to get him to propose isn’t by finding some secret formula that will provide the perfect motivation.  It can be as easy as having a simple, honest conversation about your feelings for each other and where you see your relationship going.  Again, this doesn’t mean pushing the issue, but rather making it as unthreatening as possible so that he doesn’t feel quite so pressured.  If you can be honest and open with each other, it could go a long way toward relieving his jitters and making him feel better about things.

Remember, marriage commitment is a serious step and you both need to go into it for the right reasons and with the right motivation.  It should be the natural outgrowth of your feelings for each other and not something that is being forced.  It can be difficult to wait patiently, especially when it feels like he may never come around, but there is truth in the old saying that good things are worth the wait.  If it is meant to be, it will happen, and if you need to give him a tiny nudge, just make sure that you do it gently and lovingly so that you start your married life off together on the right foot.