How to get a guy to notice you is something girls have been asking since, well…forever!  Meeting and falling in love isn’t always an easy proposition.  Sure, we all love the notion of love at first sight, when you notice each other across a crowded room and sparks instantly fly, but the reality is that it usually takes a little more work than that.

Most of us are not engineered to instantly act on our emotions, so it can take some time to build up interest but if he’s the right one, it will be well worth the effort.

Does He or Doesn’t He?

So, you suddenly see a good-looking guy at school or work and you find yourself wondering does he like me?  You want to get his attention and make him realize that you are someone worth getting to know better.  But how exactly do you go about it without looking obvious?  That’s the real secret and it’s something that trips up both girls and guys equally.  That’s right, ladies, believe it or not, while you’re worrying about how to impress a guy, the chances are pretty good that he’s trying to figure out how to impress you too!

Now it would be nice to say that this has nothing to do with physical appearances, but that wouldn’t be true.  How to get a guy to notice you begins, of course, with looking your best.  But that doesn’t mean you have to look like a supermodel.

Not everybody is built the same way and you shouldn’t be trying to be perfect, just be the best you that you can.  Make the most of the assets you’ve got by dressing well, wearing a nice perfume and applying the right amount of makeup.

While this may sound shallow, it actually goes a long way toward figuring out how to impress a guy.  Like it or not, guys are very visual and the surface stuff will be what impresses them first.  But there is more to making a good appearance than just dressing right.  It’s about having confidence in yourself and not hiding your light under a bushel.  While being shy can be cute, if a guy sees that you are comfortable in your own skin that can be very attractive too.  Most guys like girls who are able to stand on their own two feet rather than ones who are needy or clingy.

Do You Like You?

If you’re wondering does he like me, why not let him see that you like yourself.  The more insecure you seem, the more likely he is to be turned off.  At the same time, you’ll want him to know that there’s more to you than just the surface.  Guys really don’t like shallow girls, they prefer girls they can talk to, share with and get support from.

How to get a guy to notice you includes letting him know what your interests are.  Wearing a shirt or cap from your favorite sports team or a t-shirt from your favorite TV show can indicate that you’ve got specific interests.

Are You Listening

This can be a good conversation starter, giving him a way to break the ice, and if you’re lucky it might end up that you have one or more of these interests in common.  If you want to know how to impress a guy, be approachable and if you do start up a conversation, make sure that you don’t make it all about you.  Listen to what he has to say too and try and show an interest in the things he likes.

Of course, answering the all-important question – does he like me – can sometimes be difficult as guys aren’t always good about expressing their feelings.  But try not to get frustrated and whatever you do, try not to go overboard.  You want to establish eye contact, but don’t end up staring at him or that just comes off feeling creepy.  The occasional sideways glance and small smile will usually do the trick.  By the same token, looking away once you’ve established eye contact will make him want to work for more, which just increases the attraction.

No Ice Queens

But looking away does not mean turning your nose up at him.  Guys prefer women who are warm and kind rather than cold and aloof.  Make sure he realizes that you really are a nice person, someone he should want to get to know better.  If you really want to know how to impress a guy, winning him over with kindness will always go a long way.

How to get a guy to notice you isn’t some kind of guaranteed thing.  Every guy is different and what works on one may not necessarily work on another.  The best advice is to go with your heart, be yourself, and just try to subtly nudge him in the right direction.  If he’s paying attention then he won’t be able to miss your signals and that all-important initial contact will be established.