Knowing how to attract any man is a skill women have been working on since the days of Cleopatra.  Since most of us don’t have the luxury of a private barge with scented sails and servants to see to his every need, we have to work a little harder than the great Queen of the Nile did, but the basic premise has not changed.  Attracting him is all about sending the right messages at the right time.

Generally speaking, men like to feel that they are in control.

This doesn’t necessarily mean physically dominating, just feeling that the relationship is centered on them.  When asking what do men find attractive, the answer will usually be a woman who makes him feel like he’s in charge.

The real secret is doing this without his realizing it, and imparting that feeling even though you know you’re the one pulling the strings.

How attraction works for men is really not that difficult.  Men are very tactile…they lead with their senses and their reactions tend to be very much on the surface.  If he is attracted, you’ll have little trouble knowing it.

Because the senses are so important, you should begin your seduction there.

How to attract any man can start with wearing an enticing sent or dressing in a particular manner, always sexy without being slutty.  You don’t want to send the wrong message.   Accidentally touching him while you’re talking can also be a major turn on, as subtle physical contact can be extremely enticing.

Besides looking the part, there are other ways that you can gain a man’s attention.

What do men find attractive?  More often than not, it’s a woman who makes him feel special.  Pay attention to his likes and dislikes and feign interest in them even if you don’t completely share them.  Make him feel that his needs and desires are important to you and you are willing to put him first.  Face him directly and look like you are listening intently to what he says.

And while you’re at it, it wouldn’t hurt to let him do a lot of the talking.  Nothing is as attractive as a good listener.

In most cases, this is how attraction works for men; they notice the physical and then they are drawn in by the other, subtle elements.  Take care to set the mood for your dates, picking a romantic setting where you don’t have to compete for his attention with outside distractions.  Then you can concentrate on things like flirting and letting him know that you are attracted too.

Flashing him sidelong glances, then looking away can show him that you’re interested but not easy.

How to attract any man can’t be discussed without including personality.  Men tend to like a woman who is confident without being aggressive, soft and sensual without being clingy.  You can show him by the way you dress and the way you carry yourself that you can stand on your own two feet but you don’t mind having the occasional arm around you for assistance.  Finding the right balance is the key.

Of course, when asking what do men find attractive, most will respond that they want someone who is into them and who is open.  In other words, men can’t stand a tease.  Although girls have been encouraged for generations to “play hard to get”, there is a fine line between stoking his interest and pushing him away.  A little give and take to build anticipation is fine, but don’t work it too hard or you risk turning him off completely.

On the flip side, it’s in men’s nature to pursue, like predator and prey. You are the trophy. If you make it too easy, he won’t get the primal satisfaction of catching you.

The idea of how attraction works for men is a complicated one; there is no easy answer.  Each man is an individual and what works on one may not necessarily work on another.  You have to read the man you are attracted to and try to play to his needs.  Sometimes that can be hard, but just the simple of act of trying goes a long way to show him how much he means to you and how eager you are to please, which should be a pretty big turn-on itself.

Long story short, there is no easy answer when it comes to attracting a man.  Discovering how to attract any man lies in finding out what he wants in a woman and making him realize that everything he wants is right there in you.  Even if you’re not Cleopatra, you can still send the right message in your own way and have him falling for you before he knows what hit him!