Dating tips for women can take many forms, but when it comes to meeting someone for the very first time, that is a whole other universe of nerves and tension and it takes some special attention.  As the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  You want to make sure that first impression is a good one.  You also need to remember that it’s not just your first date, it’s his too, and he may be just as anxious about it as you are.

Be Best

While you want to make a good first impression, among the best first date tips is not to put too much pressure on yourself.  It’s not about being perfect; it’s about being the best you you can be.  You want him to get to know the real you, not some idealized version.  The worst thing you can do is make yourself seem too perfect right out of the box, then if things go well and you date a few more times when he sees the real you he could end up being disappointed.  You want him to know exactly what he’s getting right away to avoid that kind of uncomfortable scenario.

Along these lines, good first date ideas can include doing something fun and relaxing that you both enjoy, like going miniature golfing or attending a concert.  While the traditional romantic dinner for two is a perfectly fine option, it can put a little more pressure on both of you.  Dating tips for women often include ways around that common notion and if you can try something a little outside the box it might actually be easier on the two of you.

Whatever you do decide on, important first date tips include dressing appropriately rather than trying to dress to impress.  You should always look your best, of course, but if you’re going to go mini golfing you don’t want to be wearing a tight dress and four-inch heels.  At the same time, if you are going to a fancy restaurant, you don’t’ want to show up in jeans and sneakers.  Make sure that you look the part and look presentable at the same time.

Dating tips for women also include making sure that you treat him with respect.  That means not making the entire date all about you.  While you want him to get to know you, don’t be afraid to hold back a bit too.  You don’t have to tell him everything right off the bat.  Also, it never hurts to be quiet and listen as well.  When talking about good first date ideas, stopping to listen to him is always right up there.  And that means genuinely listening, not just nodding and smiling and pretending to hear what he says, even it isn’t particularly interesting.


Showing him that you are genuinely interested in him is a big sign of respect and can go a long way toward winning him over.  In today’s electronic age, that’s why first date tips also include turning off your cell phone.  This date is about you and him, not everyone in your phonebook.  Your friends can wait until later to get the details.  Putting that phone away and paying attention to him can seem like a small gesture but in terms of respect, it can speak volumes.

When Yes is No-No

Of course, he’s not the only one who deserves a little respect.  Good first date ideas usually include going someplace where you feel comfortable and making sure that you don’t let him put you into a position that feels threatening.  He should be willing to respect your feelings as well and that means not pushing you into anything that you aren’t ready for, including sex.  Dating tips for women always include the fact that sex on the first date is a major no-no.  Not only should he respect you, but you should also have more respect for yourself than that!

Glug glug

When it comes to first date tips, always remember not to drink too much as that can lead to poor decision making, not to mention that it could end up making a less than ideal first impression.  You need to remain in control of your actions and on the right track as far as winning him over is concerned.  It’s a lot of pressure to put on one date but if you can try and relax and go easy on yourself and him, you’ll both be better off for it.

Dating tips for women are not some sort of magic formula; different things will work better for different people.  You need to just take a deep breath, relax, and realize that you’re not getting married; you’re just going on a date.  Try and have fun, be yourself and allow him room to be himself as well.  If all goes as it should, then you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know each better and hopefully build a more significant relationship from there.  Good luck!