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Why Men Lie

All men lie; it’s an unfortunate fact. Today, we’ll look at WHY men lie. Here are some of the reasons why men lie… He’s scared of your emotions Most men would rather get punched in the guts than make a...

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Why He Doesn’t Open Up Emotionally

Let’s face it: Most guys are not emotional and do not open up emotionally. Women wish they would, but the majority of them just won’t. Have you ever really wondered why? Are they afraid they will look weak? Is it...

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Does Your Ex Still Think About You?

When a relationship ends, I bet all your friends and family tell you to “just get over it.” Or maybe they use that old platitude, “there are plenty more fish in the sea.”  What they don’t seem to...

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7 Ways to Get Him to Notice You More

Do you feel as though he’s not noticing you so much these days? Does it feel like just getting his focus is a full-time job lately? When a man loses interest or pulls away, sometimes just adding a little pizzazz to a...

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Day 1

Have you ever dated a man who suddenly lost interest or simply would not commit for some reason? Perhaps you’re already with someone who’s a commitment-phobe. Let’s say a man takes you out on several dates and...

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