The body language of attraction is something that both men and women have been trying to figure out for generations.  While it would be nice to just be direct and tell the other person how you feel about them, for most people that is a lot harder than it sounds.  For most men, it is almost impossible.  They are much more sensory creatures than we women and therefore they are more likely to signal their true feelings through their body English.  The secret for women is knowing exactly what all of those gestures and expressions are really telling you.

The Eyes Have It

Unfortunately, the body language of men can be hard to interpret.  The signs of attraction aren’t always completely obvious.  Chest thumping and proclaiming his love from the rooftop are the exception and not the rule.  More often than not, his expressions of emotion are much, much smaller and if you’re not paying attention you might even miss them.  If you’re looking for does-he-like-me signs, the best place to start is usually his eyes.

Even if they don’t intend to show it, men will often give the first signs of attraction with their eyes.  The body language of attraction can begin with him making eye contact or even raising an eyebrow or two.  The eyebrow raise is not glaring nor does it usually last very long, and so it can be easy to miss, but it is normally a pretty good indicator that he likes what he sees.  And once the eyes are engaged, the rest of the body will usually follow along for the ride.

Handsy, But in a Nice Way

When it comes to the body language of men, leaning in toward you when you’re talking or making body contact in some simple and gentle way such as brushing against your arm, or laying his hand on the small of your back is another major indicator of emotional interest.  This is his way of saying that he wants to be closer to you and that he’s blocking out interruption from anything or anyone outside of the two of you.

Protection as a Sign of Affection

A gentle touch can also indicate that he’s feeling protective of you, something that is very important to men when they are truly attracted to a woman.  Another protective gesture can be moving to the other side of you while you’re walking, to put himself between you and any possible dangers.  This is one of the sure does he like me signs because he certainly wouldn’t be going out of his way to protect you if he didn’t really care.

Anxiety is a Good Thing

The body language of attraction isn’t always that smooth, of course.  Just like us, guys tend to get nervous when they’re trying to impress a lady they like and that nervousness can sometimes come out in his body language.  Something as simple as running his hand through his hair or adjusting his tie can be an indicator that he is anxious and again, why would he be worried if he didn’t actually care about you?  If you’re picking up nervous signals from him, chances are you’re making a pretty good impression.

Like an Animal

Of course, guys are also used to being in control and if he really likes you, he’ll want to show you that he’s a real man.  For this reason, the body language of men can often include smiling, joking, even making overly macho gestures to try and look more manly.  If this is the case, try and take it in the spirit it was intended and be flattered.  The last thing you want to do is laugh it off as merely being cute because you risk hurting his feelings.

When Imitation is Adoration

In terms of does he like me signs, believe it or not, one of the biggest is picking up on your body language and trying to mimic it.  The more a guy likes you, the more he is liable to slow down his pace and walk with you and the more likely he is to notice your gestures and habits and pick them up himself.  This doesn’t mean he’ll start doing everything exactly the way you do it, but you might find him using hand gestures that you do or tilting his head a certain way because he’s seen you do it.  Again, remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and don’t take it the wrong way!

The whole world of dating and relationships can seem like a complicated maze but if you know where to look, there are signs you can follow to help guide you through it.  The body language of attraction is just one of those signs and the sooner you learn to pick up on it and read those signals he’s sending, the sooner you’ll be able to relax knowing that the feelings are mutual and you two are headed in the right direction together!