Signs that he loves you can be tricky to detect, especially in the early stages of a relationship.  But if you know where to look, you’ll be able to tell without a doubt that your guy has really got it bad.  Those signs can come in many different forms, from body language to behavior and everything in between.  It’s not always a message in big letters…there are so many little ways that he can let you know he’s in love.

Is he close to you?

One of the surest indicators of serious feelings is developing closer physical contact.  Is he suddenly making eye contact when he’s avoided it before or is he putting an arm around you or holding your hand when you’re out in public?  Those are two pretty big signs that he’s in love.  Normally, men can be hesitant about making physical contact, especially in public.  And they tend to break eye contact as soon as they lose interest.  A sudden trend toward those kinds of contact means he’s really into you and he doesn’t care who knows.

Does he respect you?

Pay attention to the way he treats you.  One good sign of serious feelings is going out of his way to respect you.  A man in love wants to treat his lady right, and that means listening to what she has to say, going out of his way to show that he values her opinion and being thoughtful.  If he didn’t have feelings for you, he wouldn’t care which movie you prefer or what foods you like and he certainly wouldn’t be willing to put his own preferences aside to please you.

Does he think about you?

Of course, love compatibility isn’t just about an extra kiss here or there or remembering the way you like your coffee, there’s a lot more to it than that.  Signs he loves you can include having you on his mind all the time.  Is he sending you cute little texts throughout the day or posting goofy pictures to your Facebook page just to remind you that he cares?  If he’s thinking about you that much, he’s got to have some pretty strong feelings.

Does he listen to you?

Most men have an innate need to fix things…whether it’s working around the house or tinkering with their cars.  If he suddenly turns that need to you…wanting to protect you and fix any problems you might have…he’s not trying to smother you, he’s just showing you he loves you!  He’s sending you the message that you mean a lot to him and he wants everything to be perfect for you.

Is he proud of you?

Showing you off to family and friends is one sign that’s hard to miss.  Wanting you to get to know the other people in his life means that he wants to keep you in his life.  So stop asking does he really love me?  If he’s including you in family events or showing you off to his friends, I think you’ve got your answer right there!

Does he argue with you?

All of this is well and good, but that still leaves two of the biggest signs of all.  Signs he loves you don’t get any stronger than his being willing to fight with you.  Sounds strange, right?  But sometimes arguing can be the best indicator of just how strong a relationship really is.  Two people being willing to air their differences and, more importantly, working hard to make up afterward is a sign of the trust that is necessary for true love compatibility.

Is he willing to compromise?

This brings us to the top of the list, the number one indicator that he’s gone beyond a casual hookup and is seriously into you, and it can be summed up in one word…compromise.  The secret to any good relationship is the ability of both people to come together, which requires a little give and take on both sides.  Signs he loves you don’t get any bigger than his being willing to bend to meet you in the middle.  Whether he’s letting you choose the movie for date night or sitting through a concert by a group he’s not really all that into because he knows how much you like them, he’s showing you that your feelings are important to him and that he is willing to go out of his way to accommodate them.

If you’re lucky enough to find a guy who is willing to do that, then, by all means, be sure to respond in kind.  Finding that perfect balance is what it’s all about and if you’re both working to do just that, then you can rest assured that love has got everything to do with it!