“Falling in love is easy. Falling in love with the same person repeatedly is extraordinary.”
– Crystal Woods

Aspasia, an eminent figure in Greek history during the 5th century, was renowned not only for her exceptional beauty but also for her profound intellect and sharp wit. Her life provides us with insights into the lives of women in ancient Greece.

Originally from Miletus (now known as Turkey), Aspasia relocated to Athens where she became a courtesan, captivating influential individuals like Pericles, a prominent figure of that era. In due course, Aspasia gained recognition and mingled with the elite of Greek society. Politicians, philosophers, and affluent individuals, along with smitten men, were naturally drawn to her.

Few could resist Aspasia’s enchanting beauty and her remarkable ability to engage in thought-provoking conversations. Plato himself mentioned her in his writings on multiple occasions, with some scholars speculating that he based one of his fictional characters on Aspasia. Even over a millennium later, her name continues to be a topic of discussion, highlighting the profound historical impact she had.

The innate power to attract men is remarkably potent as it transcends cultural, belief, and value boundaries. It confers an almost unfair advantage to possess the right attributes that enable one to delve into a man’s psyche, stimulating subconscious switches that emphasize irresistible attractiveness.

These switches, ingrained since time immemorial, are akin to those governing a man’s instincts for eating, sleeping, fighting, or fleeing. They are primal in nature. Once triggered, they render a man powerless to resist an overwhelming attraction.

These signals of attraction have withstood the test of time, transcending generations. Now, let’s delve into the top four traits that will make a man fall in love with you repeatedly.

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Trait#1: Classy Not Trashy

Instincts extend beyond basic survival activities such as finding food and protecting oneself from wild creatures. A significant part of our brain is wired to perceive social status, and sexual attraction intertwines with this aspect extensively. This inclination traces back to ancient times when belonging to a particular group conveyed a distinct status.

Obtaining a higher “social currency” than others involved more than just wealth, although it did play a minor role. Additional subliminal cues such as hygiene, intelligence, emotional maturity, and the like contributed to higher status. These signals communicated to men that a woman possessed qualities akin to an Alpha Female.

Aspasia embodied grace, eloquence, and dignity. Although not born into nobility, she emerged victorious due to these collective traits, despite facing criticism. Women, too, evaluate potential partners based on similar criteria. Masculine traits like strength, direction, and protectiveness appeal to women at a primal level. This inclination harks back to tribal societies when women relied on paternal figures for protection against immediate threats like hunger or bandits.

Significant changes have occurred since those times, rendering the traditional model obsolete. However, our evolutionary instincts tell us otherwise. Deep within us, there exists a need to fulfill certain criteria before granting someone our approval. By cultivating a personality that embodies feminine strength, playful flirtation, and a touch of elegance, you will undoubtedly attract numerous suitors vying for your attention.

Trait #2:  Let him see the REAL you

Allowing a man to witness your vulnerable, sensitive side is no easy feat. It can feel like opening a Pandora’s box when you’re still in the early stages of getting to know someone. However, forging a deep emotional connection with a man entails sharing aspects of yourself that you wouldn’t divulge to just anyone.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that you spill your life story and bare your soul on the first date. That would likely send him running for the nearest exit. Instead, gradually unveil the layers that make up your authentic self as you develop a bond over time.

As the relationship progresses, you can share your deepest fears, the individuals who influenced you during your childhood, or your aspirations for the future. If you sense that he has reciprocated by revealing parts of himself, and more importantly, if he has earned the right to witness your vulnerability, don’t hesitate to open up to him. Timing is crucial, and when done correctly, he will feel honored by the privilege you have bestowed upon him.

It’s important to remember that men also crave acceptance, and by taking the initiative to reveal your true self, he will likely reciprocate by sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings.

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Trait #3: Let Him Bask In Your Femininity

When the word “feminine” comes to mind, you might envision characteristics such as wearing flowery dresses, speaking in a high-pitched voice, enthusiastically discussing the latest episode of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” or displaying stereotypically “girly” behavior.

However, the true essence of femininity surpasses surface-level or clichéd attributes.

To a man, perceiving a woman as feminine encompasses a nuanced blend of qualities.

We’ve previously emphasized the significance of emotional openness, but there are a couple more aspects you should be aware of.

Let’s circle back to what I mentioned earlier about a man’s protective instincts.

Although modern men are unlikely to face the threat of a lion attacking their loved ones, that protective mindset still exists in a different form.

Men derive a sense of accomplishment and a deep connection to their core masculinity by being able to care for and protect their family. It brings them pleasure to fulfill that role.

When you embrace your own feminine desire to be cared for by a man, he will be more than willing to assume that responsibility.

I want to clarify that I understand you don’t need a man to navigate through life.

However, if you grant him the privilege of taking care of you anyway…

…it will encourage him to perform the acts of care and support that men traditionally provide to their partners.

Of course, this dynamic only applies within the context of a healthy and emotionally balanced relationship.

And I believe that’s what you desire.

Another feminine quality to cultivate is attentiveness to his needs and nurturing his spirit.

I can already hear some women exclaim, “What about me? I have my own needs… and I’m not about to babysit some man-child with mommy issues!”

Please allow me to explain.

In order to foster a balanced and functional relationship (which should be your aim), it is crucial to understand what men seek in a partner.

Many men are driven by achievement and results in their lives. They possess a go-getter attitude.

From a man’s perspective, his sense of masculinity is at stake whenever he faces the challenges of the world.

Ultimately, he yearns for a loving partner who supports him wholeheartedly.

He requires a woman who can help him unravel the tangled mess of emotions that he often struggles to comprehend.

Above all, he craves a woman who accepts him, flaws and all.

If you can tap into your feminine energy and provide this healing presence, you will gain a committed partner for life.

While there are certainly other feminine qualities that attract men, these two tend to rank high on their list.

Now, let’s move on to the final and most significant one…

#4: Save Some Mystery and Independence

In the past, I had a beloved pet cat named Arlene (may her little furry soul rest in peace). She had a toy mouse that squeaked whenever she “killed” it.

Interestingly, after a few times, she quickly lost interest.

In her mind, she had already satisfied her hunting instinct, and the mouse no longer held its initial allure.

Similarly, men find enjoyment in pursuing their partners. This instinct stems from their primal, caveman-like mentality, where they strive to “dominate” their prey.

I understand this may not sound romantic at first glance, but it should not be taken literally.

It represents a symbolic need that men possess, which manifests itself in various ways.

Have you ever noticed how a man becomes increasingly intrigued when you playfully challenge him?

This can happen in different scenarios, such as engaging in light banter after winning a video game or Monopoly, engaging in flirtatious behavior in public, sharing inside jokes, or engaging in humorous discussions about areas where you disagree.

These are all subtle ways in which men “test” their partners.

In their minds, they ponder questions like:

  • “Will she be accepting of my weekend hangouts with the guys, or will she constantly call me every 15 minutes to check my whereabouts?”
  • “I hope she doesn’t find my collection of board games odd.”
  • “Can we make it work if I’m a vegan and she enjoys her steaks cooked medium rare?”
  • “Will she freak out if I have to work late nights once a week?”
  • “She claims she’s not interested in a serious relationship… How can I change her mind?”

They attempt to gauge your responses and observe different aspects of your personality.

Furthermore, men relish the title of being the one who “captured” you.

Occasionally, you can reinforce this feeling by acknowledging his emotions and displaying affection.

However, it is important not to go overboard and overwhelm him with constant attention.

For the most part, allow HIM to do the pursuing.

Here’s another strategy to make him chase after you: cultivate a life outside the relationship.

Pursue your own interests and invest time in other areas of your life that bring you happiness and fulfillment.

This reminds him that sometimes you are slightly beyond his reach, as it should be.

With passionate determination, he will pursue you and continuously find ways to win you over.

There may be instances where a man is not as enthusiastic as you would hope. You may find his obliviousness endearing yet frustrating at the same time.

You might even feel a bit helpless.

Even after exhausting various approaches and attempting every trick in the book, he continues to withdraw from you.

However, I assure you that you have not exhausted all options.

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