Have you ever dated a man who suddenly lost interest or simply would not commit for some reason?

Perhaps you’re already with someone who’s a commitment-phobe.

Let’s say a man takes you out on several dates and then suddenly loses interest and drops you.

Or perhaps you have been married to a man for years, and then suddenly he just loses interest in you.

It appears he has suddenly become cold and distant.

Why do you think this happens?

You’re left wondering what went wrong in the relationship, and a million thoughts go through your mind.

Some women just conclude that the guy is a “jerk” and they deserve better, but in truth, there could be a lot of other reasons for the relationship ending abruptly.

Lack of Warmth

Sometimes, a man feels he is playing an insignificant role in the relationship if a woman is not warm and loving.

Some women hold back their affection due to fear of being hurt or bitterness over failed relationships.

Gauge your behavior to see if you’re truly showing warm and caring behavior toward a man.

If you’re bossy, sarcastic or treat a man like he is a little boy, he is likely to rethink committing to a long-term relationship.

Men may not be as emotionally open or warm as a woman, but they do like a woman to be warm and loving.

Clingy Women

Men will tell you flat-out that they don’t like clingy and needy women.

Men understand that women NEED some attention, and many are up for giving attention, but CONSTANT attention will push men away.

They will lose interest in a hurry and not even consider committing long-term.

Men want to feel needed and like to provide for women, but they don’t want to be your sole basis for fulfillment.

If you’re seeking a man to fulfill all of your needs and you base your identity on your man, you’re setting yourself up for failure and likely pushing away your man.

Have some interests outside of your man. Men cannot meet all of your emotional, physical, spiritual and financial needs.

That’s not their job – it’s yours.

You can need certain things from a man, such as love, support, warmth, affection, help, etc. But if you’re continually needing him for every little thing, you’ll suck his energy quickly and he’ll not want to commit for long.

Is the sex good enough?

If he has had a partner before with whom the sex was better, or more frequent, this can make him nervous about committing to you forever.

If you feel that sex isn’t important, then that attitude could well be a reason for lack of long-term commitment.

Are you too predictable?

Moreover, men don’t like their women to be too predictable.

If the man in your life is able to predict your every action and words, there’s not much interesting, exciting or mystery in the relationship, causing the man to become bored.

You may need to spice things up a bit and make the relationship interesting and unpredictable by teasing, joking, flirting and doing spontaneous, fun things.

Men are generally looking for adventure, humor and purposeful activities.

If it is just the same thing day after day, relationships can become boring and a man will lose interest.

Men like downtime

Men will admit that they like their downtime.

They work all day and simply want to come home and relax for a little bit.

They have a need to wind down after work and often do so by watching television, surfing the Internet or tinkering around the garage or yard.

If you’re the kind of woman who charges a man as soon as he gets in the door or starts texting him right after work CONTINUALLY, your man may begin to lose interest and won’t want to commit to a long-term relationship.

Women are more communicative, which is great, but a man needs a little time after work to just “chill.”

Let your man have a certain amount of time to take a deep breath, relax into something that he finds relaxing and rejuvenate.

You might think his watching television for 30 minutes is being lazy after work when, in reality, it is simply a way he can wind down from a long day and get geared up for evening activities.

Let him have his time, and then approach him happy and ready for a great evening of communication or activities.


Some men lose interest and won’t commit if the woman is too competitive or overbearing.

If you find yourself struggling with these tendencies, do your best to hold back displaying them.

Men like to feel like they are strong and successful.

If you’re continually competing with your man when it comes to achievements or finances, it may push him away and he may lose interest over time.

Relationships do not have to be competitive; you’re on the same team.

If you come across a man who does not seem to be able to commit or loses interest for no apparent reason, you can simply sit down and ask him what is going on.

Ask him why he does not seem interested or stopped communicating with you.

If it is something on your part, you can at least know and begin to change your attitude or behavior, if necessary.

If it was something on his part, you can let it go, knowing that he still has some issues to work out before he can commit to a relationship.

It’s not always you or something you did.

Men can have issues that they are not aware of or are still working on before they feel they can commit to a long-term relationship.