15 Reasons Why Men Fear Commitment

You’ve found a great guy and settled into a healthy, happy relationship.  You feel like you’re walking on the clouds and you just know this is the one.  So you do what most women in this situation would do and start bringing up talk of marriage, family and the future only to see him suddenly […]

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Understanding The Reality Of Commitment Phobia

Dating, falling in love, and ending up in a serious relationship are all normal parts of the human experience.  For many people, having that kind of connection with someone else is necessary to make them feel complete.  For others, though, the thought of committing themselves to another person long term can send them into a […]

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How to Flirt with Men

So you’ve spotted a cute guy at the coffee shop or discovered a co-worker who you’d like to get to know better.  How do you go about sending out the right signals that let him know you’re interested without coming off looking like you’re desperate?   The art of flirting is hardly new but that doesn’t […]

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What Makes a Man Fall in Love and Commit?

It’s not fairy dust. Clearly, knowing what makes a man fall in love and commit is a very subjective question and the answer may be as varied as the men being questioned.  If you’re being honest about it, you know the same is true for you.  It can be hard to pinpoint a single thing, […]

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5 Signs You should NOT Go on Another Date

The dating scene is no walk in the park. It can be awfully hard just to find someone who you are interested in going out with, but what do you do once that first date is over? While finding someone in the first place may seem like the complicated part, it doesn’t get any easier […]

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